3 Smart Ways to Prevent Awkward Silence on Every First Date

3 Smart Ways to Prevent Awkward Silence on Every First Date

By Nica A / August 14, 2018
Image of a Couple Dating

There’s no denying that it is truly hard to prevent awkward silence on every first date. The pressure and extreme shyness will always be on your way during first dates.

However, every one of us should learn how to prevent awkward silence on every first date because this will only kill the chance of building a connection and intimacy. So if your whole date will be filled with more pressure and tense, you will end up with nothing but regrets.

That being said, if you want to grab the chance to get to know more about your date and if both of you can really jive with each other, you should stand up and do something to prevent awkward first dates.

And to help you deal with this thing, here are the 3 smart ways that you can consider to prevent awkward silence on every first date:

1. Relax, remember this is only a first date.Awkward Silence on Every First Date

Relax! This is not your last and only chance to date someone. Avoid overthinking or convincing yourself that this is only your chance to get a boyfriend or girlfriend.

Just take everything slowly. Consider your first date as an opportunity and not as a pressure. Enjoy knowing your date because your first date will help you know if both of you can go on a second date.

So always make the best impression during your first date.

2. Do an activity on your first date.

Instead of going to a restaurant or coffee shop, why don’t you bring your date to a tour or invite him/her to play bowling?

Whatever activity that may be, it is best suggested that both of you should plan an activity on your first date because this will help the both of you to prevent the awkward silence.

So while both of you are enjoying doing an activity, you can get a chance to show your unique personality and see if he/she is liking it. Also, there’s a great possibility that your first date will lead to second, third, and more dates!

3. Talk about your passions in life.

Share your most interesting yet intriguing passion/s in life. Don’t start your conversation about your past relationships, sex life, and whatnot because this will only crush the interest of your dating partner to get to know more about you.

When sharing topics that you are really passionate about, make sure to add a little excitement to your tone because it will make you more attractive.

But remember that you shouldn’t only be the one to share stories, you can also ask your dating partner to share the same like by asking them the same topic that you are discussing.

Then if it is their turn to share some thoughts, don’t forget to listen to them with curiosity and ask questions like you are really interested because this will help to prevent awkward silence.

Overall, don’t let your tension ruin your first date. Just take everything calmly and slowly. Enjoy your first date and don’t forget to put a consistent smile in your face because a positive vibe and attitude are contagious, so make yours worth watching.