3 Things Men Say That Make Their Girl Feel Insecure

3 Things Men Say That Make Their Girl Feel Insecure

By Nica A / March 9, 2018
Image of an Insecured Woman

It is true that there are a lot of things and words that men say that make their girls feel insecure. Although some were unintentional, men should be careful and mindful of the words because your words can create a big impact on anyone. Yes, most women of today feel so empowered and stronger than men for they believe that they can also do the same things that guys are usually doing. However, not every woman in our society has the same level of confidence as what our modern women are holding.

As a matter of fact, even if you are completely confident about yourself, there are times that we will feel uneasy and bad about ourselves just because of the harsh or too honest words coming from our boyfriend or husband.

So guys, if you don’t want to make any harm to your girlfriends or wife, make sure that you will avoid doing the following things below:

1. Don’t wander your eyes to other attractive women.

RESPECT your partner by simply not wandering your eyes to other women because if your GF/wife heard you saying “Wow, that girl is so hot!” other women instantly feel some insecurities about their wholeness. And regardless of the fact that they also look physically attractive, they will still feel so small about themselves making them lose their self-esteem. Again, be careful and mindful all the time.

2. Stop mansplaining.

Never let your girl feel worthless by saying that their idea or opinions are so dumb. Many girls are marking these words and set this as a confirmation that they are really dumb, weak, and less important.

So if your girl is sharing her thoughts with you, just take your time to listen to them and make them feel that their ideas are valuable. Do not let your words ruin her confidence.

3. Stop body shaming your girl.

Never make a comment about her body or weight because this is the biggest issue for all our ladies out there. Their weight is instantly equated to their self-worth. So if you will tell her that “you’re gaining weight, huh”, they will feel so embarrassed and insecure about themselves.

Always make sure that you will give your girl an assurance that your love for her is unconditional and that she looks good and beautiful every day. Remind her as well that she’s beautiful no matter her shape and form. Positivism is really important when you are in a relationship. Help each other boost confidence by exchanging positive thoughts every day to keep the joy and love alive.

There are a lot of things that guys should avoid like telling their partners that they don’t look sexy when wearing a dress or whatever type of clothing and tackling the issue of aging.

So please guys, if you are seeing something in your girl, never use improper and hurtful words or better yet, just accept them for who they are and love them without any conditions. Because if they feel the love and acceptance, they will personally do the change without you asking for it.

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