4 Biggest Signs That He Is Serious About You

4 Biggest Signs That He Is Serious About You

By Nica A / August 2, 2018
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You are reading this article because you want to find out the biggest signs that he is serious about you.

And there’s nothing wrong with doing a little research about what you are feeling about your suitor or dating partner because this will help you to prevent getting into a wrong and harmful relationship.

We have different two cents from different situations. But if the 4 things that you will see from the list are all present to your suitor or dating partner, then it’s for sure that the guy is serious about you. But be careful when making a decision. You really have to get to know the guy first before you get in the relationship.

You have to give yourself a chance to feel the vibe between the two of you. Give him more time to prove himself to you and give yourself time to know him more to ensure that your next relationship will be the best one.

With this in mind, if you want to figure out if he is really serious about you or just playing around, here are the 4 biggest signs to consider for you to make the smartest decision in the future.

1. He is not involved with other girls.4 Biggest Signs That He Is Serious About You

One of the biggest signs to find out if he is really serious about you is that he is not dating any other girls or friending new girls because you are his only priority.

Yes, he is dead serious about you. He will choose to keep you. If a guy is not serious, he will definitely keep on involving himself with other girls until he found the best girl for his life.

2. He is transparent in all aspects.

When a guy is serious about you, he will openly share with you his daily routines and anything and everything that he is doing every day. This kind of attitude is usually being done when you are already in a relationship.

But if he is doing this to you without you asking for it, then 100% sure that he is serious about you.

3. He always offers his helping hand to you.

If he is always asking you if he can do something to help you such as bringing you a snack because you are asked by your boss to do overtime work; or by taking you home because you are bringing heavy bags of groceries, then expect that the guy is really serious about you. These gestures only mean that he is willing to do everything not just to help you but also to spend some time with you. A win-win for sure!

4. He is willing to wait.

If a guy is serious about you, he is willing to wait for you and to take everything slowly.

If you are not yet ready for a kiss, holding hands, meet his friends and family, or even for the most intimate thing, he will totally respect you because a serious guy will not pressure you, but instead wait for you.

There are more signs to consider to know if he is serious about you. But these four things are already enough to maybe come up with a decision. So what do you think? Is he serious about you or not? Would you rather keep him and be in a relationship?