4 Major Turn-offs for Guys

4 Major Turn-offs for Guys

By Nica A / January 19, 2018
Image of a Disappointed Man

On this blog, women of all ages will get a chance to know the major turn-offs for guys. And yes, this is all dedicated to all our gentlemen out there! Continue reading below and let us know if this is something you can relate to.

As of now, young ladies are seen to confront issues in terms of being unable to acknowledge the feelings of men. This happens when girls/women invest more energy in making themselves seem more appealing and tricking, alongside disregarding the things that turn guys off. You might not even realize what part of your everyday discussion, habits, and doings are really turning into turn-offs. But hey, it is never too late to patch your methods for managing men.

So here is a list of 4 Major Turn-offs for Guys without you even recognizing it. Check it out!

1. Talking About Your Ex

One of the biggest turns offs for guys is the point at which you share stories about your EX or the greater part of your exes. Nobody needs to find out about your past mix-ups. If he will ask about your EX, then answer it without bring up too much information about him. Don’t let him think that you are still into your ex and that you are making him as your rebound. On the off chance that you are very much keen on a future with your new guy, you ought to concentrate on the present and not the past. Along these lines, you will both be happy and enjoy your relationship.

2. You are a Certified Nagger

Woman yelling at a man

One of the top-most turn-offs for guys is the disturbing and nagging attitude of women. For the most part, what men don’t like is the non-stop protests and issues raised by the ladies. When you begin sighting deficiencies in your guys and raise issues in all that he does, he will, in the long run, get disappointed by you and your relationship. Try not to nag. Be sensitive and learn how to become a better listener. When you think you are being a little naggy, keep quiet. Nagging is one of the major turn-offs for guys!

3. You are Too Rude

Rudeness is a major turn off for guys! Don’t act like you’re a cool girl and impress him like you can be one of the guys kind of girl. Just be the best version of yourself. Figure out how to dependably be gracious and kind to all individuals and you will be appealing to everybody!

4. You are Possessive

Give him the freedom. Let him do his thing! When a man feels like he’s being limited from different things throughout his life that he appreciates, it will put weight on the relationship and it most likely won’t be much sooner than he begins to lose interest to your relationship. A couple flourishes most when they permit each other to have an existence outside of the relationship. It’s healthy for a couple to have a “ME Time” from time to time to give each other a breathing space.

In the event that you need to impress a guy or get his attention, attempt to keep away from these 4 major turn offs for guys. All things considered, each one of these turn offs can be settled in a matter of seconds in case you’re really keen on improving yourself not just for a guy, but for yourself as well!