4 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Taking You for Granted

4 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Taking You for Granted

By Nica A / July 6, 2018
Image of a Couple

Have you ever feel like you are being taken for granted by your boyfriend? If yes, then you have come to the right place! Here are 4 signs your boyfriend is taking you for granted:

1. He is not calling or texting you back.

One of the most common signs that he is taking you for granted is that your boyfriend is not responding to any of your calls or texts. Or when he does, it will take about 2 to 3 hours before he replies to your message.

And when you questioned him why he is not answering your calls and texts, he will confidently tell you that he completely forget about it because he is busy doing his stuff.

2. He is not giving you much time.Boyfriend Taking You for Granted

He doesn’t want to spend much time with you and give you unreasonable excuses such as he is not feeling well, he is busy at work, he has a meeting with co-workers, and or he needs to meet his friends due to an important reason.

But when he is asking for your time, he will get mad at you if you will not drop any of your appointments. So unfair.

3. He is not complimenting you.

In a relationship, it is very normal for boyfriends/girlfriends to give compliments whether physically or not. And just to inform you, my dear, compliments are very beneficial in a relationship because it helps in boosting the self-esteem of your partner.

Also, it helps in building a stronger connection and trust with each other. So if you are always getting a compliment from your boyfriend, you will not feel insecure about yourself because you know how good you are as a whole.

But when he is not complimenting you or even sharing his emotional thoughts on you, then it is 100% sure that you are not important to him or he is just faking everything between the two of you.

So if his negative thoughts are more vocalized than the positive ones, then definitely he is taking you for granted.

4. You are already numb or used to being not prioritized.

If you are already used by his wrong treatment towards you, and you don’t get disappointed anymore because you are already numb, then it only means that you have a boyfriend that always takes you for granted.

Because if he does care for you, you will not feel that way or allowed him to make you as their second or last option in life. Rather, you will feel so angry with him if you are being taken for granted because that’s the normal response to such actions.

Overall, if you are 100% sure that he is taking you for granted, then this is the perfect time to give yourself a chance to experience the things that you truly deserve in life.

This is the exact moment to break your silence and end your relationship with your boyfriend because we don’t deserve to be taken for granted or to be disregarded by someone we love.

And you have to remember that your love is not enough to make a long-lasting relationship. Why? Because both of you should love and treat each other equally and fairly.

So stop wasting your time and proving your love for him. Better give your love and attention to someone who has the capability to love you back and to someone who knows how to value a person. Blow him away and may you find your true happiness!