Are You a Shy Type Person? Here Are Some Dating Tips for a Shy Guy like You

Are You a Shy Type Person? Here Are Some Dating Tips for a Shy Guy like You

By Nica A / July 20, 2018
Dating a Shy Guy

If you are a shy type of person, dating a woman or someone you really like is really difficult to do. Regardless of how much you wanted to date someone, you are always being hindered by your extreme shyness.

With that in mind, if you want to overcome your shyness and date the girl of your dreams, then here are some dating tips for a shy guy like you:

1. Join your outgoing friends.Are You a Shy Type Person? Here Are Some Dating Tips for a Shy Guy like You

If you have friends who are very outgoing and who are so used to being exposed to parties and other social gatherings, then you better join them because this will help you in overcoming your shyness.

Also, if you will always hang out with them, there’s a great possibility that you can absorb their attitude or the way they keep in touch with people. In other words, let them influence you for you to overcome your shyness.

2. Give your interest to your date.

If you are planning to date someone because of your friends set up a date for you, the first thing that you have to do as part of your dating preps is to forget about your shyness and bring with you some good and interesting information about the girl that you are going to date.

I know that a shy guy is not comfortable talking about their personal life. So to avoid boredom during your date, better talk about the interest of your date and or about her likes in life.

In that way, you are allowing her to open up about her life. And once she felt the comfort in you, she will feel special because you are showing an interest to her.

And to be honest, most of the girls love to hang out with guys who are showing an interest in them. So don’t focus on your shyness or what you are going to tell to your date, just focus on her and what she likes in life.

3. Bring the best version of yourself.

Your shyness will be overcome if you will dress up or give yourself a little makeover. So to boost your self-confidence, try to get a new haircut, facial scrub and massage, and a little change on your outfit.

If you are a type of guy who is always wearing a jacket and t-shirt, try to upgrade it to look new in the eyes of others. For sure, if someone will praise you for having a new look, you will feel more confident and positivity will come to your mind.

So change the way you dress or your fashion sense to get a chance to date the girl of your dreams.

It is not easy to remove the total shyness in your system. I know that it will take a lot of time. But you need to start changing your shy attitude now because your shyness will not bring you to many places. So better help yourself now than to regret everything later in your life.