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Tips to Become a Better Listener in a Relationship

By Nica A / August 6, 2018
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Arguments are already part of a relationship. Without misunderstandings, couples may not learn how to fix their issues on their own and how they can strengthen their relationship.

However, according to relationship experts, one of the best ways to successfully resolve an issue is thru listening — simple to do, right? But let’s admit the fact that only a few of us are good listeners. Continue reading

4 Biggest Signs That He Is Serious About You

By Nica A / August 2, 2018
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You are reading this article because you want to find out the biggest signs that he is serious about you.

And there’s nothing wrong with doing a little research about what you are feeling about your suitor or dating partner because this will help you to prevent getting into a wrong and harmful relationship. Continue reading

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