Bruce and Inez Leakey Who's Been Married for 64 Years, Shares Secret...

Bruce and Inez Leakey Who’s Been Married for 64 Years, Shares Secret About Their Successful Relationship

By Nica A / February 21, 2018
Image of Old Couple

Bruce and Inez Leakey are now in their 80’s. But regardless of their old age, they are still deeply in love with each other. The secret? Well, it’s all about the small things that both of you are sharing.

Small talks, small trips, small moments – all these small things really do big impact and bigger things in a relationship.

According to the couple who’s been married for 64 years, it is not the attraction and major trips that will define your relationship, but it is the small things and appreciate the time that you have together.

“Our flowers and everything like that, you know, we did it together, that’s the main thing I guess.”

“We’d jump in the car and take off for Kingston or somewhere like that, go for a drive on a Sunday you know, we’d just take off.”

And no matter how successful is their relationship, they are still encountering disagreements and little fights. But since they know how to respect each other, issues between them can be fixed easily.

“I can’t say that we never fought, I’d be a liar if I said that, but however, we’d have our argument, go and pout, whatever you wanted to do, come back and get over it.”

In addition, they said that it is also important that you know who’s the boss in the relationship.

“I’m four days older than him, that’d make me the boss wouldn’t it?”

“Mother’s the boss — it’s always been that way and she’s been a good boss.”

“They were very short-lived… she won.”

Bruce praises his wife for her good leadership. And she can’t say anything but just to listen to his wife.