Cheater's Dilemma: Real Reasons Why 'Bae' is Cheating on You

Cheater’s Dilemma: Real Reasons Why ‘Bae’ is Cheating on You

By Nica A / January 24, 2018
Curious Girl Spying Boyfriend on Smartphone

Countless relationships are troubled every day by this question: Is he/she cheating on me? Before giving you approaches to answer this inquiry, it is imperative to know that worrying and fretting over your bae’s unfaithfulness will put unnecessary pressure on your relationship. It will only cause perplexity and doubt, which could easily ruin what you have.

There is incredibly no worse feeling in a relationship than suspecting or realizing that your partner is being unfaithful. The frosty fingers of fear that crawl up your spine and begin to crush your heart so hard that it breaks down into a thousand pieces. Some may believe that I’m being so dramatic, yet for the individuals who have felt it, you will know it’s an understatement of the influx of feelings that can hit us when we discover the individual we cherished and trusted has deceived us.

Also, with the blast of innovation and online networking, it appears that we have significantly more ways our relationships can be sabotaged nowadays. Obviously, relationships separate for a variety of grounds and issues, yet I’m concentrating on why somebody is equipped for tossing everything for a minute of passion with another?

Here are four possible reasons why people cheat:

1. Fear of commitment

For some individuals, being committed to someone implies that they then have a specific expectation ordered upon them which they know they can’t live up to. They may see being in a monogamous relationship as an end of freedom and fun, or that you will, somehow, demand them to be more than they are. Being in a committed relationship can likewise make people feel helpless, in light of the fact that it will call for a greater amount of oneself than a one-night stand and it has a larger number of issues than a non-committed relationship.

2. Boredom

The essential reason for infidelity is, perhaps, the individual is getting bored with his or her partner. This is a typical cause why married couples get divorced, in light of the fact that they don’t set aside a few minutes for each other. They are constantly bustling working and looking after their children, and when they got home, they don’t have sufficient energy to make love or even show their love in simple ways. This is the case why they cheat on their loved ones. In this way, if you are encountering this circumstance at this moment, it is not too late. You may transform it as quickly as time permits. Be sweet, mindful, and the greater part of all, be generous of your time for your partner.

3. Insecurity


Being unfaithful can frequently be the consequence of an individual feeling very insecure within themselves. Whether they experience the ill effects of low self-esteem, sorrow, or have past issues they haven’t managed, it would all be able to show in a way that is impeding to themselves and their relationships. At the point when individuals are insecure, they regularly cause dramatization in their existence without intending to do as such. Be that as it may, as a general rule they will utilize their fears or perspective as a reason for their behavior and assume the part of the casualty, despite the fact that they unmistakably were the one in the off-base. In this way, don’t fool yourself, regardless of how low or shaky they feel, they are still in charge of their actions, and what they have done is not reasonable.

4. Bad childhood experience

What I mean about this is your partner may have encountered family pressure at home. He or she may have seen his or her parents’ infidelity. Now and again, kids can be influenced by this issue as they grow up, particularly their perspectives on married life. This is one of the reasons why people cheat on their partners. In the event that your partner keeps on cheating, you may consider thinking back on his or her adolescence, since he or she may have encountered awful memories.

Being cheated may influence your identity yet never permit yourself to feel mediocre. Life takes a complete 360 degrees to turn some of the time. In the event that your partner cheats on you, simply discover why he or she has done as such and move on with life because you deserve a lot more.