Cosplay Parents Level up the True Definition of Relationship Goals

Cosplay Parents Level up the True Definition of Relationship Goals

By Nica A / March 30, 2018
The Cosplay Parents

Relationship goals can be defined in a lot of ways. For some people, relationship goals are when a couple is always making a time to travel to different places.

For others, relationship goals are not just meant for two loving individuals, but it is also about friendship, siblings, parents, relatives, and more. But whatever is your definition of relationship goals, for Steven and Millie Tani, relationship goals is equivalent to “cosplay”.

This couple who’s already in their 60s and been married for 27 years have proven that age should not hinder anyone from doing what they love. They might look old in the eyes of others, but their heart is filled with so much love and excitement just like what the young people are feeling about life.

Steven and Millie are very passionate about doing cosplays. They were inspired by their daughter who’s also in love with cosplay. And because of this influence, they have decided to join and attend different types of cosplay conventions and events to showcase their favorite characters from Disney and Marvel.

And because of their cuteness, their Captain America look becomes a big hit to social media. According to their interview in NBC News, they are just like everyone else who wants a happy life.

They found cosplaying as their better way to enjoy their lives and they were really thankful for this passion since they have built new friendships and happy connections with other people who have the same interest with them.

Steven and Millie Tani is totally our true relationship goals setter. Despite their age, they have proven to us that old people like them should not just be stuck sitting in rocking chairs, but instead, they should live there to the fullest and just enjoy their remaining golden lives doing what they are most passionate about.