Currently Dating Someone? Ask These Questions First Before...

Currently Dating Someone? Ask These Questions First Before Getting into a Relationship

By Nica A / February 2, 2018
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If you are currently dating someone and you think that both of you are on the same page, well, congratulations my dear! However, love might sometimes be not enough.

Yes, you both have the same feelings for each other, but how about the other factors that may also help in fulfilling your relationship in the future such as your compatibility, passion, religious views, and many more?

Are you going to let these things pass and just learn to accept all your differences? Well, if your relationship is not yet just official, there’s still a time for you to know if your future relationship will last. And that is by asking these 6 essential questions.

So let’s see what are these questions and find out if your current special someone is already the one for you.

1. “Do you think that we are compatible?”

If you and your partner are not compatible, chances are you may be in for a short ride. Science has recently proven that like-minded couples last longer than those who have nothing in common, this is because similarity is essential for developing strong relationships. If your partner doesn’t share your passion for theatre and wine tasting, then it might be worth finding someone who does. Dating apps like Huggle are perfect for matching you with like-minded souls, who share your interests and lifestyle. Who knew compatibility was so easy to find?

2. “How many kids do you want in the future?”

You may not want kids right now or ever, but if your partner is not on the same page as you, this will cause issues down the line. Don’t waste time with someone who doesn’t want what you want. You need to find out early, to avoid any arguments when the conversation of ‘starting a family’ arises.

3. “What are your religious and political views?”

This is a question you should ask as early as the second date. If you don’t agree on political or religious views, this can be a huge deal breaker for any relationship.

4. “Is sex important to you? If so, how important is it for you?”

Different sex drives can tear a relationship apart. It’s an important question to ask because if you don’t view sex as a necessity, this could cause issues very quickly in your relationship. Ask early how often they’d like to have it and the things they like and wouldn’t do. See if this equals up to what you want.

5. “How is your financial situation right now?”

Talking about finances is viewed as impolite conversation, however when things start to get serious, it’s a question worth asking. If your partner isn’t one for saving, then this may cause problems in the future, especially when it comes to things like buying a house together. To get an understanding of whether your partner is financially stable, it’s OK to ask how they invest/save their money.

6. “What is the stuff that you can/can’t live without?”

It’s good to know what your partner can and can’t live with. Are you a meat eater but they’re a vegetarian? Maybe they would find you ordering steak in front of them a deal breaker. It’s good to know what they want from a relationship and the only way to find out is to ask.

All of these questions will help you in making your final decision. So better ask questions before putting your relationship to the next serious level.