End Your Relationship Now: Reasons Why You Should Consider This

End Your Relationship Now: Reasons Why You Should Consider This

By Nica A / July 26, 2018
Image of a Couple

Why end your relationship now? We have listed the top valid reasons why. We can be wrong, but we can also be right. Read the whole blog to see our reasons.

Being in a relationship comes with excitement and challenges. Sometimes, you have to experience the pain and trouble to learn new things and discover how far the both of you can go to maintain your relationship.

However, if the pain that you are experiencing is too much, and you think that your value is being depreciated at all costs, then, this is the right time to end your relationship.

Yes, my dear, you have to end your relationship now if things are not falling to the right places. If you are married, then maybe you can reconsider and ask for some help from a relationship coach or expert. However, if both of you are always causing pain to each other, and arguing becomes part of your daily routine, then it’s best if both of you should put a stop to this. You and your partner should end your toxic relationship ASAP. You may find a temporary fix to your relationship problem, but believe me, the cycle will never end.

Do not settle for less. You always deserve all the best in this world! I know it is truly hard to let go of someone you love, however, there are things in this world that have to end. Some people and or situations are worth a chance. But most of the time, they are not. I don’t believe that there’s still love if you and your partner are always encountering issues. Yes, issues are normal. It’s part of life and of a relationship. But there’s a relationship boundary. Respect that boundary to see why you have to end your relationship now.

Again, the reasons here could be wrong, but I am 100% sure that these 3 valid reasons are accurate and common to any type of relationship. Check out the list below.

1. You don’t trust each other.3 Valid Reasons to End Your Relationship Now

If both of you have trust issues, then arguments will always come your way. Your relationship will be based on doubts and once he/she shared his/her doubts with you, both of you will start playing the “blaming game” until one of you gives up.

If this is the routine that you have in your current relationship, it is better to end it now. Trust is very important in keeping a healthy relationship. If you think that your partner is not capable of fixing your relationship, then your issue will not end. Your doubts will just cause the both of you to face a new heated conversation.

In other words, arguments and misunderstandings will become part of your relationship cycle, so you better end it now before it tears your whole being.

2. You are no longer happy.

Happiness and contentment are very critical to keep your relationship stronger. Our ability to love others is all rooted in our happiness. When you’re happy, it is easier to love, easier to forgive, and easier to process things such as accepting the flaws and imperfections of your partner.

Happiness should be felt by both of you. If not, then it will be very hard to keep a relationship. No matter how much you do, your effort will not be appreciated anymore if your partner is not happy with your relationship. They can try to fix it, but happiness is something you cannot teach to someone. You cannot force anyone to feel happy with you. It is not something to be achieved. It’s a state of mind.

Get a brave heart and end your relationship if you are just faking everything. If you are not happy, then tell your partner now. Do not prolong the pain. If you can end it now, then do it. You are giving yourself and your partner a huge favor. Stop pretending that you are happy about your relationship because, at the end of the day, it is you who will suffer. And it is only you who will carry all the pain. Avoid relationship stress. You deserve the best!

3. You can’t see a future with your partner.

If you and your partner are together for a long time, and you have realized that he/she is not meant for you since you are not seeing any future with your partner, I think the best way that you should do is to end your relationship now.

Why end it if you still love each other and if you are both happy with what you have? The answer is very simple. Because you are just wasting your time and chance to meet someone who is really meant for you!

Yes, both of you can work things out. But what if you still didn’t see a future with him/her? Don’t tell me that you will try to work it out again?

Common! Stop wasting time my dear, because it is much better to invest your time and emotions with someone who will share the same thoughts with you. Someone who can also see you with their future, and someone who will be there for you thru the ups and downs of life.

Again, you have to remember that in a relationship, both of you should have a mutual decision and feelings. And if you are not seeing a future with your partner, or your partner is not seeing you as part of their future life, then you should end your relationship now because what you have now is pointless. And the happiness that you are getting now will eventually end.

Final Thoughts

I know how hard it is to let go of someone you love, but you have to remember that love is not enough to make a strong and healthy relationship. Life is short, so make the most of it. End your relationship now if these reasons are all present in your current situation. You’ll thank me later. That’s for sure.