Here's a Relationship Advice for All Busy Couples

Here’s a Relationship Advice for All Busy Couples

By Nica A / June 5, 2018
Image of a Working Woman

I know that both of you already knows what to do with your relationship right now. However, it is still best suggested if you will take this relationship advice because it is more effective if you will read or hear new sentiments and ideas from other people like me.

So if you are having a hard time keeping your relationship much stronger and sweeter, here’s the best relationship advice to consider.

Time is very important in all aspects of our life. Whether it is about our work or relationship, time matters a lot. And since time always ticks very fast, we should all learn how to value each second, minutes, and hours in our life for we can never get a chance to return again on that wasted minute or two.

We and every couple in this world should learn how to balance their time no matter how busy they are with their careers, and no matter how impossible it may be, because your time will define how much you love a person.

If you are unable to spend a quality time with your significant other, then it only means that he/she is not valuable in your life and that you only consider him/her as your “favorite past-time”.

That being said, if you don’t want to lose the spark in your relationship or worse, to lose the love of your life, then take the following tips below to keep the love better and alive:

1. Cook a special meal together.Relationship Advice for Busy Couples

One of the simplest ways for you to spend some quality time with each other is to cook together a very special meal. If you are living in the same space and both of you are always in a hurry every morning, then try to wake up earlier to make time with each other.

Or if you want, you can cook it after work. Whether you will cook breakfast, lunch, or dinner, I can assure you that both of you will enjoy this activity most especially if you will try to cook an aphrodisiac meal. Sounds fun, right?

2. Schedule your date once or twice a week.

No matter how demanding might be your work, always ensure that both of you will free a day or two every week for the sake of your date time. For an instance, if your office is just near to his/her office, then you can do a date over a lunch.

Then every weekend, make sure that you will still spend time with each other again. You can watch movies, eat on food parks, or have a coffee date.

Ladies and gents, you don’t need to be fancy when spending time with your S/O, because all that matters here is how you can show your love and time for your partner regardless of your busy schedule.

3. Drop a call and text.

A simple call and text can make his/her day. But since this is being done automatically by couples, you should make sure that your call and text will appear more unique than what you normally do.

You can send your partner a funny yet romantic message just to give your S/O a brighter day. You can also send him/her a steamy or saucy message to boost his/her excitement to get home and see you.

4. Make a plan of activities.

Set a plan (short-term and long-term) so that both of you can get a chance to bond with each other. Short-term plans could be as simple as planning what to do after your work shifts. For an instance, for this day, you can meet each other in a park after work and have some snacks.

The next day you can try to do some strolling and talk about the things that happen in your whole day, and so on and so forth. For long-term plans, try to travel to different places or maybe look for an activity on which both of you will truly enjoy and make it a habit to do it yearly such as being a volunteer or joining art exhibits.

All in all, there’s no such thing as busy most especially if you love your S/O. So always opt to share your time with your partner because your life is not just bound to spend on your career, but it is also meant to spend together with your loved ones.