Here's What You Should Not Wear When Meeting Bae's Parents

Here’s What You Should Not Wear When Meeting Bae’s Parents

By Nica A / March 2, 2018
Image of a Couple and Mother

When your bae have decided to introduce you to his parents, it only means that he is really into you since he is starting to bring you closer to the things and people that he truly loved the most. So if this is the girl that we are talking about, then lucky you!

However, you should be mindful of what you are going to wear on that very exciting day because the first impression is the last impression. Although it is true that we should be true and honest about who we truly are, this time, it is more appropriate if we will opt to conceal it first most especially when it comes to what you wear.

And since all the parents in this world want the best for their children, they will definitely pick a woman who knows how to dress very well because “you are what you wear”. So let’s find out what are the things that you should avoid to wear when you are meeting his parents for the first time.

1. Don’t wear controversial shorts and pieces.

Political tees, fur, and other controversial shirts and pieces shouldn’t be wear when meeting his parents because they might get offended by what you wear even if you don’t mean anything.

Additionally, if you have tattoos, it is much better to hide it by wearing long sleeves because this is not the perfect time to reveal your personal beliefs in life.

But instead, let them know more about yourself without you exposing anything about your political beliefs and whatnot.

2. Wear the right and comfortable outfit in the right place.

If you are about to watch the soccer game of your bae’s soccer game, it is not appropriate to wear high heels and a long skirt just to make the best first impression on his family.

So the point here is that before you go to the said invite, make sure to ask your bae where are you going to meet his parents for you to prepare the best clothing that will suit the venue.

3. Don’t wear dark and loud colors.

It is very fashionable to wear classic dark colors. However, black or charcoal colors are not appropriate when you are just meeting his parents for the first time.

So much better to wear good vibes color or the girly tones such as the pastel colors to make the best first impression.

4. Don’t put too much makeup.

If makeup is your life, you can opt to put the natural look makeup because parents these days would prefer to see a woman who is simpler than those who looks so high maintenance.

5. Avoid flashy jewelry.

This is not the right time to wear your fancy and flashy jewelry. Remember you are not going to a party, you are meeting his family. So stay simple.