How to Restore Your Trust Again After Being Cheated on in the Past

How to Restore Your Trust Again After Being Cheated on in the Past

By Nica A / July 18, 2018
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I personally know how hard it is to restore your trust again after being cheated on in the past. I’ve been in your shoe way back when I have experienced the most painful heartbreak with my EX boyfriend.

Before, I was really afraid to fall in love again because I am scared to be hurt again and to be cheated on for the second time. And because of that fear, I’ve decided to stay single for 2 years and find myself again.

In other words, giving your trust to someone is not that simple. Although there are some people who can really give their trust again regardless of their painful past, not everyone can do the same because we have our own ways when dealing with pain.

However, if you will not help yourself to fix and overcome your trust issues, you will stay forever on that lonely part of your life until you suffer from bitterness.

So if you think that you have given yourself enough time to heal your broken heart, I think this is the perfect moment to start regaining your trust to yourself and to other people for you to give yourself a chance to fall in love again and be loved by someone who truly deserves your heart.

And to help you do this, here’s what you need to do to restore your trust again after being cheated on in the past:

1. Allow yourself to experience the pain.How to Restore Your Trust Again After Being Cheated on in the Past

It’s okay to cry and be mad with your EX. You can be emotional for a time because this will help you to heal the pain in your heart.

2. Share your pain with your family or friends.

Sharing your pain with your family or friends will also help in reducing the weight that you are feeling. And if someone knows about what you are going through, you will get a continuous support from them which will lead to an easier process of forgiving and letting go of your past.

And once you have started to let go, the next thing that will follow is that you will start to slowly trust someone until you get into a relationship.

3. Realize that not everyone will cheat on you.

Yes, men have tons of things in common, but you have to realize that not every one of them will cheat on you or break your heart. There are lots of guys out there who are very loyal and who is willing to give their love to one person.

So remove the thought that they will only hurt you so that you can easily free yourself from your past and overcome your trust issues.

4. Pamper yourself every now and then.

One of the best ways to remove all the bad vibes in your way is to pamper yourself. Go for a shopping with friends. Visit a spa and get a massage. You can also de-stress by taking a 30-minute walk or run.

In other words, make yourself busy and active so you can easily forget about your past and handle the process of overcoming your trust issues.

5. Talk to an expert.

If you think that you really can’t handle the pain you are experiencing from your past, and you have done everything you can to overcome trust but still, there’s no effect on you, then what you have to do is to talk to an expert or therapist.

You really need to do this because this is the best way for you to get a happier life. So grab this chance for you to enjoy the rest of your remaining life.

Trusting someone is not that easy. But if you will help yourself, the process wouldn’t be so hard because you are allowing yourself to participate in the goal that you wanted to achieve. So good luck to you and may you find the true happiness as soon as possible.