Incredible Things to Do When You Feel Lonely

Incredible Things to Do When You Feel Lonely

By Nica A / March 2, 2018
Image of a Lonely Woman

Each and every one of us does feel loneliness in the most unexpected time of our lives. In fact, loneliness can even come up regardless of the fact that there are tons of people who are showing their love and appreciation to us.

In other words, whether you are single or in a very happy relationship, loneliness will always be there to ruin your happy and positive thoughts. But worry no more my dear friend! Because there are a lot of ways on how you can fight this battle. Let’s see what the experts suggested for us to beat our energy gap.

1. Make a list in advance.

You can list down activities such as swimming, going to events, bus trip, running, solving puzzles, biking, and more. Aside from these things, you can also try to do some acts of kindness by simply helping someone who is in need of assistance.

For an instance, you can try to help an elderly person who wants to cross the street or to carry their heavy belongings. You can also try to greet the grocery checker by just saying hi or hello.

These are just simple but once you have made someone happy with your help, you will surely feel the same way.

2. Listen to music and stories.

Music is one of the most efficient ways for us to relieve our loneliness including our daily stresses. So if you will lonely, just get your headphones and play your favorite upbeat songs to fight your loneliness.

You can also try to listen to stories online or via face-to-face communication because this will also help in changing your loneliness to something more engaging and fulfilling. In other words, when listening to stories, we are highly entertained since we connect the stories of others with our personal life.

3. Be a volunteer.

One of the best avenues for you to divert your loneliness is to see other people who are in need of help. So to be able to do this, you can try to join organizations that aim to help unfortunate people who are in true loneliness.

Being a volunteer is not a simple thing to do but helping others will make you realize that there are more things to be happy about in your life.

4. Do physical workouts.

Make yourself busy by means of doing physical workouts such as running, walking, dancing, and attending a yoga class. When doing physical workouts, you are allowing your natural endorphins to come out.

And when that happens, you will feel much better about yourself and that includes your emotions.

5. Ask for help.

Talk to your friends and family members to refocus your mind. But if you think that your loneliness is happening more often, don’t hesitate to ask for expert help and attend therapy sessions because consistent loneliness may lead to depression.

There are so many things that will help you to beat your loneliness. But whatever that may be, always choose to think positively because what you think may affect your wholeness. So if you think about happy and positive thoughts, you will also feel the same. But if you will think of negativities, you will feel lonely.

That being said, always feed your thoughts with good things since it is only you who can heal your own loneliness.