Learn When Is the Right Time to Fart in Front of Your Dating Partner

Learn When Is the Right Time to Fart in Front of Your Dating Partner

By Nica A / March 2, 2018
Image of a Couple in Bed

One of the weirdest and craziest question of all time: How long do you need to wait before you can fart in front of your dating partner?

The answer? Not too soon and not so soon enough because the ideal figure to follow according to experts is when you and your dating partner already hits the 5 months.

So if you and your partner are already dating for 5 months, you are now free to let the bad air out of your system.

This given figure was proven that this is the time when a couple was already comfortable with each other. Couples tend to show the half of their true personalities to their partner such as by not wearing makeup, not shaving their beards, and even the farting thing.

But of course, this is the exact figure to follow because this will still depend on the both of you. But just in case that you feel more comfortable than ever before with your partner, this is the perfect time for you to show your real side little by little of course to help the both of you in establishing your relationship.

So don’t feel shy about your fart because after all, we are all doing this on a daily basis. LOL! If she/he finds this thing disgusting, maybe your partner is not yet ready to accept you for who you truly are.


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