Love Advice from an Expert: Learn When It's Okay to Be Jealous of...

Love Advice from an Expert: Learn When It’s Okay to Be Jealous of Your Partner

By Nica A / March 23, 2018
Love Advice

Is there really a right time when you should feel jealous of your boyfriend/girlfriend? What could be the perfect love advice with regards to jealousy?

Well, to be honest, the answer can be a yes or can be no.

Yes, there is a right time to feel jealous because if you trust your partner, you exactly know if he/she is just acting normal or not.

No, because it is truly difficult to fight the feeling of jealousy most especially if your partner is doing the unlikable act in front of your face.

Whether it is a yes or no, let’s all accept the fact that the feeling of jealousy is normal in every relationship. However, too much jealousy is unhealthy because you are becoming too possessive with your partner.

So to avoid becoming too possessive in your relationship, it is necessary that both of you should set a boundary or a thin fine line between different things in your life.

For an instance, if your boyfriend/girlfriend is still keeping the stuff from their ex, then you have the right to feel jealous since when you are in a relationship, everything that you have in your past relationship should be thrown away.

This is a no-brainer, my dear. You don’t need to talk about your ex, the stuff from your ex, and everything that is connected with your ex should be all left in the past.

Another example of when it’s okay to feel jealous is when your boyfriend talks to a random girl in the club. Yes, this is okay as long as everything is kept in a professional way.

But if your boyfriend is already making some physical contact, then this is the right time to buzz your jealousy since it is not appropriate if you will try to do some physical contact with some random girls.

Again, this is a no-brainer because when you are in a relationship, you should learn to respect your partner and your understanding of each other.

And this is the exact thing that Barbie wants us to understand. To have a boundary and respect. Let’s watch this short video and learn some love advice from Barbie.