QUIZ: How Happy Are You Being Single?

QUIZ: How Happy Are You Being Single?

By Nica A / May 25, 2018
Image of Happy Girls

Being single doesn’t mean that you are only limited to do things that are only meant for single individuals. Because even if you are single for over a year or two, you can still do fun and exciting activities together with your friends or other loved ones.

As a matter of fact, there are lots of single individuals now who are not afraid of becoming single because they believe that being single means that you are free to do everything that you want in life.

Yes, there are happy singles out there who simply want to spend their time doing and achieving their life goals instead of looking for a person who will love them to become their next girlfriend or boyfriend.Image of a Happy Single Woman

And I personally believe that there’s nothing wrong with this kind of people because being single is an opportunity for you to explore new things out of your comfort zone. It will give you a chance to develop your wholeness alone and it will also help you to grow not just in terms of relationship but in all aspects of your life.

So if you are single now, you have to take this as a chance to do better things without someone’s help and realize that you can also become happy in life even if you are not into a relationship.

That being said, just to ensure that you are truly happy in your singlehood or if you are just faking your happiness, here a quiz that will tell how happy are you being single.


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