QUIZ: What Is Your Dating Style?

QUIZ: What Is Your Dating Style?

By Nica A / July 23, 2018
Image of a Couple Dating

Whatever is your gender, we all have our own and preferred dating styles. Some of us would like to go to restaurants for a date, while others would love to take a stroll in a park or museum together with our dating partner.

But do you exactly know what is your dating style? Are you a casual dater who is already satisfied with a bottle of beer while playing a board game? Or a hook-up dater who is more focused on getting instant intimacy with their dating partner?QUIZ: What Is Your Dating Style?

Well, just in case that you are not yet aware of your dating style, here is a fun quiz to help you determine what is your dating style.

Take this quiz now to know yourself better when it comes to dating someone.

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