QUIZ: What Kind Of Flirt Are You?

QUIZ: What Kind Of Flirt Are You?

By Nica A / June 5, 2018
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According to experts, the way you flirt with someone says a lot about your personality and how you deal with relationships.

Although other people have a negative connotation when it comes to the word “flirt”, no one can deny the mere fact that every one of us is doing this without us knowing that it is a type of flirting.

Yes, you can be flirting others without you doing any physical moves or without talking sensually because flirting can be done or divided into 5 styles.

The first one is the physical flirting wherein the person is using actions while communicating his/her sexual interest. FlirtThe second one is the traditional flirting which means that the men will be the one who will take the lead in doing the flirting while the women will remain passive.

The third one is the polite flirting wherein the person is more proper and watchful in every move and manner. The fourth one is the sincere flirting wherein the person involve will not just communicate his/her interest but he/she will also establish emotional connections to the person he/she likes.

And the last one is the playful flirting which is usually being done by a person who is already in a relationship and has a goal not just to boost the relationship but also his/her self-esteem.

And now that you know the different kinds of flirting, let us know what type of flirt are you by taking this fun and exciting quiz!


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