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Reasons to Let Go of Your Almost Relationship

By Nica A / October 4, 2021
Let Go of the Relationship That is Not Yours

Should I let go or keep on holding on? The choice is yours. But if loving that person becomes too painful, I think you have to start letting go of that person. Yes, most especially if that someone is not even yours.

It’s crazy to think that there are people who found themselves getting drowned with the question of, “how to let go of him/her?” Where in the first place, he or she is not yours. Some may think that letting go of what is not yours is easier when compared to those who are really into a relationship. But to tell you the truth, it is not.

Your “almost” relationship is what makes the situation even harder to deal with. Why? Because you break your own heart by letting the situation happen. You settled to something you knew that can also come to an end. You thought that the person you love can wait until you have changed the complicated circumstance into a magical one. You thought that you are in control of the things in the world. That he or she is with you throughout the journey. You thought that love and hope are enough to evolve things around you, and make the concept of what you two have shared changed into the reality that both of you are looking to have.

But let me tell you this; letting yourself down will give you a different kind of sting into your heart. You believe that love can make things even better. That love can change your almost relationship into a real, legitimate relationship. But the truth of the matter is that love is not enough.

Love Is Everything, But Love Is Not Enough

Love can change a person. It will bring out the best in you and even lead you to the better path of your life. But sometimes, love can put you into the darkest place of your life. There’s a saying that people can never really change. But sometimes, only love can change people. That’s why I believe that love can literally drive you crazy. However, no matter how magical the feeling of love is, love is not really enough to keep things more intact.

You cannot keep a person by just loving him/her. You cannot fix a problem with love. And the hardest fact to accept is that, no matter what you have done and sacrificed for the sake of love, the person that you are deeply in love with, is not willing to give back the same love simply because both of you don’t see the love the same way. You see rainbows and butterflies, but he or she is not seeing the same thing as yours.

Yes, people have differences. But if love does exist, both of you should face all the downsides of your relationship and be in one to keep things more grounded. But what if love is not being reciprocated at all? Well, then again, I guess it’s about time to let go most especially if that person is never really yours.

Almost Relationships Can Hurt As Much As Real Relationships

Please remind yourself that you’re not being silly or crazy for letting go of someone who’s not yours. Because the truth is, commitment or labels cannot measure or tell you what true love is. When you are in love, it is your heart that makes the decision. And when your heart connects with someone else’s heart, you cannot do something about it. You just let it connect with someone and let things happen. You cannot stop yourself from doing that. There are no rules when it comes to love. So if you find yourself drowning in this kind of relationship, allow yourself to process it.

You can cry out loud and think of all the memories you shared with your almost girlfriend or boyfriend. You may feel bad about it and might even hurt you more. But hey, you have to deal with it to move on, and let go of the person you love who can’t reciprocate the same love as you have with him or her.

It’s unrequited love, and that kind of love is a sign that you should start to let go and let yourself focus on what you truly deserve more. Yes, you deserve better. You deserve more love. You are worthy of it! If your almost relationship cannot give you that, it only means that he or she is not yet ready to take the leap. That is not real after all. That kind of wishy-washy relationship will not progress regardless of how much you have sacrificed.

Nothing will happen if the person you love will not have the strength to deal with that responsibility. It takes two to tango. You cannot just let yourself do all the hard work. You know why? Because when you are in a relationship, both of you should work as a team with the same vision, same goal, and same focus. And if that is not the case, again, it’s time to let go.

Be in a relationship with yourself. The right person will come.

Choose yourself this time. Commit to yourself that you will not let the wrong person enter your life again. Do not let them ruin the true meaning of love, hope, and commitment. Let go of that almost relationship. Forget about that person who is not truly yours, of someone who is not excited to be with you, or of someone who cannot give their heart wholeheartedly.

You deserve the best in life, and of someone who will accept you with no ifs and buts. You need someone who will not give up on you, and who will choose to stick around regardless of how hard your situation might be. You, yes you! You deserve to be with someone who is not afraid of commitment and responsibility. Someone who is not afraid to protect your heart, and who will make you confident, and will not make you feel like you have to choose just because you’re only an option for him or her. You deserve to be happy and don’t let anyone steal your sunshine. You’re kind and I’m pretty sure that the right person will come at the right time. Just wait for it and make your waiting season a time for you to discover your true worth not just as a lover, but as a person with dignity and respect.