Smart Ways to Overcome Your Fear of Commitment

Smart Ways to Overcome Your Fear of Commitment

By Nica A / July 31, 2018
Smart Ways to Overcome Your Fear of Commitment

We are all dealing with different kinds of fears. Some of us are afraid of darkness, while others have this fear of spiders. But did you know that there are also people who are dealing with the fear of commitment?

Believe it or not, the best of us have this fear of commitment because they are afraid of getting hurt again or to be rejected again by someone they love.

This kind of fear should not be taken for granted, but rather, it should be overcome as soon as you have realized that you have the fear of commitment because this fear will keep on holding you back from getting a relationship.

Also, your whole being will be ruined by this fear because you are always in doubt with other people’s kindness. That being said, here are the smart ways to overcome your fear of commitment:

1. Be honest with yourself.Smart Ways to Overcome Your Fear of Commitment

Acknowledge the fear that you have because this is one of the best ways for you to overcome your fear of commitment. If you will keep on denying to yourself that you don’t fear commitment, you will never learn how to overcome this fear until it affects your entire life.

Instead of convincing yourself that you are just a picky kind of person, better accept the fear that you have now so you can immediately find a solution to fix yourself.

2. Don’t be afraid of failures and rejections.

Some of the best reasons why we fear commitment is because we don’t want to get another failure or failed relationship. The second factor is that we are afraid to be rejected by someone we want to be with.

Now, let’s face the fact that failures and rejections are part of our life. Even the most successful people in this world have encountered failures and rejections because the only way for us to reach our goal is for us to experience failures, downfalls, and rejections.

And without these negativities, we will not learn how to stand up again and improve ourselves. In other words, you should not fear failures and rejections because these things will help you to become a better person with the strongest personality.

So instead of avoiding failures and rejections, better consider these things as an opportunity to enhance yourself.

3. Share your fears and thoughts with someone you really trust.

It is not wrong to have someone to depend on most especially if you are dealing with a fear. You have to remember that you cannot solve your own problem without asking for any help from someone because no man is an island.

No matter how much you trust yourself that you can fix everything on your own, it is much better if you will hear some pieces of advice from someone because this will help you from realizing things and working out your trust and confidence to others.

So start opening yourself to others and slowly learn the process of committing yourself to your friends, relatives, and colleagues.

Overall, overcoming your fear of commitment will offer you tons of advantages such as having a friendly relationship and romantic/serious relationship.

So what’s your decision now? Are you ready to face your fear? If yes, then congratulations! May you find yourself now and your happiness!