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WATCH: 10 Obvious Signs You’re in The FRIEND ZONE

By Nica A / March 16, 2018

Friend zone – sounds familiar, isn’t it? If you are currently dealing with this case, or not so sure if you are actually on it, I can only tell you one thing, and that is to get out of that friend-zone thingy, move on, and accept the fact that you and your crush can only […]

Incredible Things to Do When You Feel Lonely

By Nica A / March 2, 2018

Each and every one of us does feel loneliness in the most unexpected time of our lives. In fact, loneliness can even come up regardless of the fact that there are tons of people who are showing their love and appreciation to us.

QUIZ: What Kind of Significant Other Are You?

By Nica A / February 7, 2018

We all have different ways on how to handle a relationship. Some of us are too controlling and strict, while others are open and just enjoying everything about their relationship. Whatever is your approach on how to keep your relationship stronger and healthier, it is also important that you know what kind of partner are […]

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