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Tinder 101: 5 Tricks to Get More Matches

Tinder Tricks to Get More Matches

Tinder | Online Dating App

Tinder is one of the most popular online dating apps that are being used by millions of users, worldwide. I’m pretty sure that you are aware of the fact that there are lots of single men and women who are now happily engaged and married just because of this online dating app. It’s hard to believe, but online dating apps can also provide a healthy emotional attachment which is very important to consider if you are really looking for a serious relationship.

While online dating app such as Tinder can be seen as a last resort for others to get into a relationship, many are still considering this as a great avenue for them to get real connections with real people. Yes, not everyone here is looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend. There are a few of them who simply wants to gain new friendship for the sake of meeting new people that might jive with their personalities.

But whatever their reason may be, we can’t deny the mere fact that Tinder and other online dating apps are indeed advantageous in many beautiful ways. Aside from getting an instant date that’s perfectly matched on what you are exactly looking for, these platforms are also helping us to boost our self-confidence, and at the same time, it gives every single men and woman a great amount of hope that it’s not yet too late to find someone who will make you feel special, and treat you “perfect” even if he or she knows that you are not perfect.

Tinder Changing the Dating Culture

Believe it or not, the dating culture has really changed. Although some might think that online dating apps like Tinder are made up to “sell” people in exchange for companionship and satisfaction; we have to give credits as well to the creators of this app for they have given many single people out there a great opportunity to meet new people without any fuss. So the question now is, are you ready to take the challenge and give Tinder a shot? You might not be ready to answer this, for now, but just in case that you will consider this in the future, here are some tricks to get more matches on Tinder.

Rock your bio

The quality of your bio is one of the keys to attracting quality online matches. Your photos are important, but featuring your best assets in your bio can deepen the initial attraction and inspire someone to message you. Don’t miss the chance!

Upload your best picture

Tinder is more about appearances. Well, I guess it’s applicable to many online platforms. But in this case, searchers will look for someone with a beautiful smile, tantalizing eyes, and more! A friendly and warm photograph of yourself could help you increase the chance of finding the right match. But make sure that you will not “manipulate” your photo just to look attractive. Just be yourself and never, ever fake it!

Learn how to start a conversation

There are two people in the conversation, so don’t be one of those who only talk about themselves because it’s a huge turn-off for them. You can ask them about their hobbies, interests, or even their aspirations in life. My advice? Do not overdo it. Just go with the flow, but make sure that you are practicing the “give and take” concept to enjoy each other’s company.

Set up the date after a handful of messages

Once you have established rapport and trust with your Tinder match, it’s time to suggest a date. Just pop the question and ask the other person to meet up for dinner or drinks. Do not use the word “date” when asking. Just use the term “hang out” and see where it goes. It’s better to be safe than sorry. In any case, here are some dating rules to follow.

Be yourself

A first date naturally brings up a mix of nervousness and excitement. But acting as your most authentic self will surely calm you. Another tip is to dress in a way that makes you feel confident and comfortable. But for this matter, make sure that you are wearing something special. Something that you are wearing on special occasions because this will also boost your confidence and self-esteem.

The Trick Part?

Well, there’s no secret in here, but the trick is to love who you are and embrace your imperfection. If you will do that, people will not find it hard to do the same for you. Tinder is indeed helpful, but be careful in giving information about you. Some people in there have the same goal as you, but others are using it for other wicked purposes.