Tips for Keeping the Joy and Love Alive in Your Marriage

Tips for Keeping the Joy and Love Alive in Your Marriage

By Nica A / August 21, 2018
Image of a Sweet and Happy Couple

The excitement and honeymoon period in a marriage has its own shelf life. Those butterfly feelings and fast heartbeats every time you are with your partner will all soon be faded most especially during your tough and rough situation.

However, this doesn’t mean that your marriage will forever suffer from this kind of true to life scenarios. Because the truth is, keeping the joy and love alive in your marriage is your key to maintain a good and healthy married life.

Yes, a married life will not always be filled with happiness and positivity. But always believe that marriage can always succeed all the rough patches in life most especially if the couple is more than willing to do everything to keep their relationship happier and fulfilled in all aspects.

That being said, if you are interested to know how the both of you can keep the joy and love alive in your marriage, here are some tips to consider:

1. Take care of your physical appearance.Keeping the Joy and Love Alive in Your Marriage

Yes, it is true that if you truly love someone, his or her physical appearance will not matter anymore. But the truth is, your appearance also affects your relationship.

Always fix yourself even if you are just at home because no matter what is your age, your wife or husband still wants you to always look presentable at all times for it will help in building a strong self-esteem since your wife or husband will always say positive things when you look attractive in their eyes.

So don’t forget to take good care of yourself regardless of how many kids you have because your looks will help in keeping the joy and love in your married life.

2. Always watch your words.

Before you say a word or two, make sure that you will not make any offending words to your husband or wife. Regardless of how long you are in your marriage, he or she doesn’t deserve to hear harmful words from you.

Even if you don’t mean to hurt him/her or you don’t have any intention to send that message to your partner, simply avoid telling anything that is not helpful such as by telling your wife that your new neighbor is a little attractive or by comparing your husband to your successful businessman friend.

Also, avoid blaming your partner or by telling him/her “You always do this and do that” or “You never do this and that” because this will just lead to an argument.

3. Go out for a date every weekend.

A weekend is always meant to be spent with your family. However, a family date is different from a romantic date. So even if you have your kids now, you and your partner should always find a time every weekend to go for a date without your kids.

Watch movies just like the old times when you are still BF/GF. Watch concerts and reminisce about your good old days. Eat a good dinner in your favorite restaurant while talking about how both started to fall in love with each other.

Simple things always do bigger changes. So try this every weekend to keep the joy and love alive in your married life.

4. Be thankful.

No matter how small or big is the exerted effort from your wife or husband, always be thankful to him/her. Thank your wife for preparing your meal every day. Thank your husband for spending a time with you even if he is already tired.

Thank each other every day for showing some care and love even if they are not doing anything because a grateful heart means you are appreciating the little things in your partner.

And if you will always do this, your partner will never get tired of loving you for you will always be his/her happiness.

Keeping the joy and love alive in your marriage is very simple to do. You don’t need a thing or two just to keep your wife or husband happy in your relationship, but rather, you only need your wife or husband to keep a fulfilling and healthy married life because your love for each other is the main key to keep your marriage happier and stronger each day.

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