Tips to Keep Your Long Distance Relationship Healthy and Alive

Tips to Keep Your Long Distance Relationship Healthy and Alive

By Nica A / February 7, 2018
Long Distance Relationship

There is no denying that long distance relationships (LDR) can be absolutely challenging. Regardless of the adoration that you and your bae share, being separated during special events is the most awful. While other people are out reserving a spot or setting up candlelight dinners, those FaceTime dates you once anticipated can turn into a limited sympathy.

Surviving a long distance relationship can be a major trial. There are numerous individuals who begin with long distance relationships and go far, and there are numerous who might have been as one for quite a long time yet have broken on account of the separation. The way to surviving a long distance relationship is the trust and communication that you have with your partner.

As specified, trust is the way to surviving a long distance relationship. Without winning the trust of your partner and being straightforward with him or her, it would be troublesome for you to survive.

So if you want to make your LDR last for a longer period of time, here are some of the tips to consider to make the foundation of your relationship much stronger:

1. Create your goals and rules

Are you comfortable with each of you having close friendships with the opposite sex? What goals do you have in your relationship and how often will you talk to each other? And so forth. When you are clear about your expectations, there is less room for miscommunication.

2. Plan your next vacation and other adventures

Being too dependent on the other person will have negative effects on your relationship and yourself. So, go on adventures while they are away and share your experiences with them later. Don’t let your life center around your relationship. Go out and have fun.

3. Create an online calendar

Share an online calendar. This can promote trust, and also help you know the best times to schedule a video call.

4. Be open about your emotions

Communication is key for long distance relationships because when you open up about your emotions, you are creating an intimate bond. This bond makes it possible to grow as a couple, to create a stronger connection and to build trust.

5. TRUST each other

Jealousy or insecurities will ruin your long distance relationship if you aren’t careful. A vital key to your relationship is trust. Be open about your activities, tell your partner about your friends and believe in your love.

6. Always greet each other with good morning and good night

It’s a great gesture to start and end the day thinking about each other.

7. Avoid using the silent treatment style

Your relationship must be built on trust and communication. This silent treatment is damaging to any relationship, but it’s deadly for a long distance one. If you are upset, tell your partner you need time to think and talk about the problem.

8. Discuss some serious matters about life

Conversations about money, jobs, education and the future need to be discussed. For the relationship to be successful, you both need to be on the same page considering these subjects.

9. Hang out with your friends

Once again, don’t be too dependent on your partner. Friends get you out of the house and encourage you to have fun. They provide the balance you need in your life to cultivate a healthy romantic relationship.

10. Make a time to visit or see each other

When you’re able to see each other, go out and do something adventurous together instead of staying home. These moments are vital in getting to know your partner in a new light.