Tips to Become a Better Listener in a Relationship

Tips to Become a Better Listener in a Relationship

By Nica A / August 6, 2018
Image of a Couple

Arguments are already part of a relationship. Without misunderstandings, couples may not learn how to fix their issues on their own and how they can strengthen their relationship.

However, according to relationship experts, one of the best ways to successfully resolve an issue is thru listening — simple to do, right? But let’s admit the fact that only a few of us are good listeners.

Because the truth is, we don’t know how to become better listeners since our patience is always tempting us to talk rather than to listen most especially during major confrontations.

So the question now is, how to become a better listener in a relationship to avoid prolonged arguments? To find out the answer, here are some tips to consider:

1. Do not talk. Just listen.Become a Better Listener

Pure silence is what you need to become a better listener in a relationship. No raising of points, thoughts, or even compliment words because the only way to fix an issue is for you to understand what your partner is feeling about you and or your relationship.

Give your partner a chance to speak everything no matter how painful it is for you to hear those words.

2. Think before you speak.

If your partner is done talking about what he/she is feeling about you, just give him/her a tight hug instead of sharing your thoughts immediately.

If your partner is asking you for a quick response, just let him/her know that you need a little time to process everything before you give your side. Explain to your partner that you want the best for your relationship and that you don’t want to speak any foul words against him/her.

3. Do not give pieces of advice.

To become a better listener, avoid giving pieces of advice because this will only ruin your partner who is dealing with pain.

No matter how good you are at giving advice, this is not the right time to lecture your partner because what they need is someone who can listen to their pain without any form of judgment.

4. Avoid distractions such as your gadget.

The best way to become a better listener is to avoid using your gadgets while your partner is sharing his/her sentiments. Try to avoid any kinds of distractions during your heart-to-heart session so you can also focus on the thoughts of your partner.

All in all, if you want to get a stronger relationship, the best thing to consider is for both of you to learn the value of listening. Because sometimes, silence is enough to fix a messy situation.