#TipsFromBarbie: What To Do When Bae Doesn't Immediately Text You Back

#TipsFromBarbie: What To Do When Bae Doesn’t Immediately Text You Back

By Nica A / March 19, 2018
Barbie and Ken Doll

Relationships aren’t always perfect and easy to handle. Sometimes, we need to deal with different kinds of issues such as when your boyfriend or girlfriend is a little too slow when responding to your texts.

I know this may sound a little exaggerated, but for many girls, this is an issue that needs to be fixed because once you tolerate a petty issue, your boyfriend/girlfriend might conclude that it is totally fine to do it again since you’re not giving him/her a negative reaction.

That being said, no matter how small is your issue with your partner, it is much appropriate if both of you will tackle this to immediately resolve whatever is your conflict.

But wait, what if bae is giving you an unbelievable reason regardless of the fact that you already know that he is just making an excuse? Well, let’s learn some tips from Barbie on how she handles Ken.