WATCH: 10 Obvious Signs You're in The FRIEND ZONE

WATCH: 10 Obvious Signs You’re in The FRIEND ZONE

By Nica A / March 16, 2018
Friend zoned

Friend zone – sounds familiar, isn’t it? If you are currently dealing with this case, or not so sure if you are actually on it, I can only tell you one thing, and that is to get out of that friend-zone thingy, move on, and accept the fact that you and your crush can only be friends, PERIOD.

I know this is so challenging to do, but you cannot force yourself on someone who doesn’t want to love you back. Instead of pushing your feelings for her, better pull that off now and invest your time and effort in someone who can easily love you back without you dealing with the pain of rejection.

But wait, are you really into a friend zone, or is she into you? Well, let’s all know the truth now by watching this video from MantelligenceDating.