What Does It Intent to Convey When Your Girlfriend Says "K"?

What Does It Intent to Convey When Your Girlfriend Says “K”?

By Nica A / March 22, 2018
Relationship Problems

There different kinds of relationship problems that exist in our world that is full of misunderstandings and misinterpretations. Some couple (girlfriend-boyfriend) has an issue with jealousy. Others have a problem when it comes to financial matters, trust issues, and attitudes that are unbearable.

That being said, whether the issue is petty or major, every couple should always find a way to settle their issues face to face to prevent the issue from longing. However, most of the time, ladies are truly hard to please and understand.

Sometimes ladies will use sarcasm as their way to show their hidden emotions such as anger, jealousy, and disappointment. They (ladies) would sometimes say stuff that is totally unfamiliar to you. Yes, ladies are like riddles and puzzles that are hard to solve.

They always tend to overthink and overanalyze so many things between your relationship for they believe that their assessments are always accurate and exact.

Well, girls will always be girls. That is part of their nature and what the guys can only do is to become the greatest scientist to be able to solve the daily puzzles and touches of sarcasm coming from their ladies.

A good example of a puzzle that is usually being said by ladies is the magic letter “K”. If you receive a “K” response from your girlfriend, you better fasten your belt and focus on what you have just said to her since the meaning of “K” underlies the context of your content.

For an instance, you’ve tried to debate her opinion without you having any intention to hurt her feelings or whatnot. After a minute, expect that she will text you the big letter “K”.

And the meaning of “K” in this kind of situation is ANGER. Just like what Barbie did to her Bae. Let’s watch this short video and learn the meaning of Okay, OK, and K.