Why You Shouldn't Stay Friends With An EX: Here's Why

Clear and Solid Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Stay Friends With An EX GF/BF

By Nica A / August 25, 2018
Image of Boyfriend and Girlfriend

We always ask ourselves if we should stay friends with our ex. Some were considering to keep their friendship with their ex because there are children involved.

But if there is no special reason to stay connected with your ex, then you shouldn’t stay friends with your EX girlfriend or boyfriend because you are only complicating things.

And if you are thinking that avoiding your EX is a way of showing your bitterness towards your breakup, well you should start eliminating those false thoughts because there are tons of clear and solid reasons why you shouldn’t stay friends with your EX GF/BF.

To find out what are these reasons, here’s what you need to know:

1. Both of you will fall into the same cycle.Stay Friends With Your EX GF/BF

There is a reason why both of you have decided to separate or break up your relationship. So why keep a relationship again of you will still end up doing the same cycle and patterns?

Yes, I know that the relationship that you have now is different from the first one you have had before. However, friendship is still being considered as a deep relationship wherein two people are dealing with love, trust, and importance.

So what’s the sense of your breakup if you will not stop being friends with your EX? To give yourself a false hope that both of you can still fix everything? To know if there’s a chance to love each other back again?

Hey, this is not the right time to test things or to even use yourself for a test that will never give you a good result, because, at the end of the day, you will find yourself suffering from the same pain because you are just making everything difficult.

So stop being friends with your EX because nothing will change between the two of you.

2. You will not grow.

You shouldn’t stay friends with your EX because you are not giving yourself a chance to grow. It’s like you are choosing to stay inside your comfort zone even if you know that you will not get anything from it.

So instead of keeping your friendship, it is much better if you will opt to stay away from each other because that’s the only way for you to grow as a person and explore things around you that will help in developing your personality.

3. Your moving on process will be much harder.

One of the best ways to move on from your EX is to forget about him/her, delete your photos together, delete his/her number, and to remove him/her to all your social media account.

In other words, delete your EX to your life. No matter what is the reason behind your breakup, it is much better if you will choose to live your life out of his/her shadows.

And regardless of how good he/she is as a person, you still need to choose to stay away from your EX for it will not give you anything better but pain.

Overall, choose what’s always better for you and that is to live a new life with new people who are more deserving than your EX.